2nd Grade Math Worksheets

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2nd Grade Math Worksheets: Pack 1
Skills included in this pack:
  • Solving addition word problems within 100
  • Solving two-step addition word problems
  • Solving two-step word problems involving addition and subtraction
  • Subtracting with 100
  • Solving subtraction word problems within 100
  • Adding and subtracting within 20
  • Adding and subtracting within 20 (using a symbol to stand in as a number)
  • Finding even and odd numbers of shapes
  • Creating even equations
  • Creating addition equations from arrays
  • Creating multiplication equations from arrays
  • Measuring in inches
  • Comparing two measurements
  • Estimating measurements
  • Measuring to determine the difference in length
  • Solving word problems involving lengths in the same unit
  • Adding and subtracting with number lines
  • Telling time from analog clocks to the half hour
  • Telling time from analog clocks to the quarter hour
  • Telling time from analog clocks in 5 minute increments
  • Counting money, pennies and dimes
  • Counting money, nickels and dimes
  • Counting money, dimes, nickels, and pennies
  • Counting money, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies
  • Counting money, dollars and cents
  • Counting money word problems
  • Measuring and creating line plots
  • Reading picture graphs
  • Reading bar graphs
  • Reading bar graphs
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2nd grade math worksheet, telling time from analog clocks. Dalmation graphic.2nd grade math worksheet, counting money, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. Spider graphic.
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Math Worksheets Decimals Pack
Self Checking Math Worksheets

Self Checking

Our math worksheets introduce a puzzle aspect to math, giving students immediate feedback as to whether or not they are solving problems correctly. If the answer to the riddle isn't spelled correctly, the student knows which problems he's made an error on.

Math Worksheets with Puzzles

Fun Puzzle Aspect

Math Worksheets Immediate Feedback

Immediate Feedback

Math Worksheets Decimals Pack 1
Math Worksheets Pack 1
Math Worksheets Problem Solving Motivation

Problem Solving Motivation

Each math worksheet contains a riddle that the student solves by completeing all the problems on the worksheet. This keeps kids motivated to complete each problem so that they can find the answer to the riddle.

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Common Core Aligned

All our math worksheet packs are designed with Common Core in mind. That way you don’t have to worry about whether your math ciriculum is aligned or not when you incorpoate ClassCrown Riddle-Me-Worksheets in your lesson plans.

Geometry worksheet, using a protractor to find angles. Astronaut graphic.
4th grade math worksheet, subtracting up to four digit numbers. Lumberjack graphic.
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Each page of our math worksheets has been produced in high resolution at 144 dpi and designed in full, vibrant color for maximum quality. They look stunning whether you are printing in color or black and white.

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