7 Tips for Proper Flash Card Use

Tips on the proper use of Flash Cards
It’s heartbreaking to see a student put in the time and effort to do well on a test, yet not achieve the desired result. In this second post in our series on teaching students to study effectively, we will be providing tips for using flash cards as a study tool. (Check out Part 1 on the AUPAR Test Prep Strategy if you missed it). Flash cards can be a useful tool in studying for quizzes and tests, but only if created and studied properly. Teach your students these 7 tips in order to help them succeed in their studies:

  1. Make flashcards as you learn new material.

    It will be very difficult to make and study flashcards all in one or two nights before the test. To use flashcards most effectively, make them as you learn new material in a unit. For example, if you are starting a new unit on the civil war, begin making flashcards using your notes and other materials daily as you learn the new information. Study them frequently up until the date of the test.

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